I am Dobromir Hristov

and I am a front-end developer.

Below are links to the places where you can find my work.

Front-end developer

I am a dedicated web developer, with a passion for fast, reliable, cutting edge software, with over 9 years of experience.

As a front-end developer, I have been exposed to many of the rapidly evolving technologies, frameworks, bundlers, preprocessors and UI/UX trends. I adhere to popular coding practices, deliver maintainable, well-engineered products. I implement testing and automation tools for speeding up development and reliability, allowing front-end teams to focus on coding.

I enjoy writing articles, open sourcing code, authoring libraries and teaching people. I lead workshops and speak at conferences about Vue, Testing, App architecture etc.

Vue Bulgaria organizer and speaker.

Contracting as a Frontend Developer (remote)
Jan 2020 – Present
Working on various amazing projects, with the tech stack I am best at.
Lead Frontend developer (remote)
Sept 2017 – Jan 2020
Hypefactors, Denmark
Web based software for PR professionals.
Started as a front end developer, solely developing and maintaining their Vue SPA blogging platform - Hype.news, later joined the development of the main Hypefactors product – a complex multilingual Vue.js SPA with routing, shared state, mono repo architecture, unit and e2e testing, and much more.
JS (ES2016+), Vue.js (Vuex/Vue Router/Vue CLI), Bugsnag, Node.js, Pusher, Sass/PostCSS, Jest/Cypress testing
Web Developer
Jan 2016 – Aug 2017
Welldoers, Bulgaria
Web development agency.
I worked as a web developer, mainly responsible for the development of the front-end and partially contributing to the backend. Projects included ecommerce shops of various sizes, portfolios, Facebook Apps, product websites, WordPress and Laravel API driven Apps.
JS (ES2015), Vue.js(Vuex, Vue Router), Sass/Less/PostCss, PHP (Laravel, WordPress)
Web Developer
Apr 2013 – Dec 2015
STSSoft, Bulgaria
Web development agency.
Developed numerous public and private websites on various CMS and custom platforms. Worked both on front-end and back-end.
JS (jQuery), Grunt, Gulp, Brunch, Sass, PHP (Laravel, WordPress)
Technical University Gabrovo - Bachelor's degree
Computer Systems Technology
Open Source Software

Below is a selection of my open-source packages and contributions:

Vue Test Utils
Official testing utilities for Vue 3. [Core contributor]
The main renderer for Swift-DocC, a tool for building and previewing documentation, authored in Markdown. [Core member]
Vuelidate 2
Form validation library for Vue.js 3/2 using data driven patterns. [Co-Author]
A simple to use Vimeo.com player for Vue 2/3
Export Tailwindcss config options to SASS, SCSS, LESS, Stylus, CSS and JSON. [Author]
Vue Community Guide
A large guide to the Vue.js community and ecosystem, written and maintained by the community itself. [Project leader and author]
Easy error message display using Vuelidate (0.x) validator in Vue components [Author]

Along with packages, I have written multiple articles, spoken at conferences and much more.

I have many other open source projects and tutorials that are in the works, from tips targeted at beginners to advanced real world use cases.

See an error? Please make a PR to fix it here: https://github.com/dobromir-hristov/dobromir.me.